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I’m Anna Foxkirk, a writer of historical fiction, putting extraordinary women from the past, front and centre today. More often than not, history has been written by men and women seem to have fallen through the cracks. I’m putting them back in the spotlight and redressing the balance with ‘herstories’ from inspiring and astounding women from the past.

I’ve recently made the move to Substack and I’m very much hoping my former subscribers have come along with me. But you know, this whole technology business is a bit hit and miss. Do please email me if you spot something I need to fix.

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Now, as well as my writerly news, views and interviews, at some point later in the year, I’m going to be getting crafty… I’ve been teaching English and history since 1991, I’ve taught in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors as well as run my own English literacy business teaching student teachers. I’m sure I must have a few nuggets of knowledge I can impart. 

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Dancing with words. Taking small steps. Seldom bushy-tailed.


Not so cunning with regards genre. Trots between historical fiction, historical fantasy, romantic comedy and other. Frequently lost down the foxhole of research. Seldom bright-eyed and bushy tailed.